Professional Gallery

Currently: Advanced Senior Concept Artist at Rocksteady Ltd.

Currently: Senior Concept Artist at Frontier Developments.

Work and details to follow.

Senior Concept Artist at Guerilla Games / SCEE

RIGS, a Triple-A project for PSVR. Gallery in progress!

The shots below are examples of the final arenas I was involved in.

Dubai, I worked on about half the gameplay structures and all the stadium and surround/ Level extension.

Macau, was regarded as one of the harder levels to pull off across all disciplines -this was mainly down to the fact that it takes place both inside and outside. All conceptual design was done by myself.

Zurich, was the last released map we did. For this I was tasked with conceptualising the stadium and surround and around half of the gameplay area.

Nevada, was fun for the use of the real world location (Hoover Dam) and the organics of the rock which the guys did a great job creating a VR friendly surface. For me I worked mainly on the Blue End structures and the bridge across the middle, plus support for Game mode variants.

Lead Artist at FuturLab.

Multiple projects including Velocity 2X (GOTY winner), Velocity Ultra, Coconut Dodge Revitalised, Surge and TBA projects…

Velocity 2X’ – FuturLab, Lead Artist. Art Direction, Concept Art, Cutscenes, In-Game-Assets and UI and Brand Design.




Texture Artist and Matte Painter at Fabrique D’Images.

‘Percy et ses Amis’ – Fabrique D’Images Texturing and Colour Ref/Design work


‘IRONMAN : Armored Adventures’  – Season 2, Texturing/ Shaders and Matte-Painting…