My biggest fan requested I’d keep my site updated! So here’s a mix of some recent works…


Some of the not terrible sketches from Duxford IWM today:

20161009_184429 20161009_183641 20161009_183749


A few recent paints…


New pics

chris-goff-sign-of-one-concept-large-tweaked-small chris-goff-liftoff-2 chris-goff-adventure-scribble-01


Not posted for a while on account of being veeeeeery busy on RIGS (PS VR) at work! So here’s a few new concepts. One of which is a commission for a shiny new book called The Sign of One by Eugene Lambert now available on Amazon!




Back by luke-warm demand! It was remarked I should update my famous blog…

Last November I left Indy Giant FuturLab after finishing up work on Velocity 2X (recent multiple GOTY winner and nominee) and other secret super projects to begin working at Sony Cambridge – more specifically ‘Guerrilla’ who are famous for the Killzone franchise! Working with some of the most talented people in the Industry so It’s pretty exciting, daunting but the challenge is well worth it.

And now some recent art that I scribbled the other day….




Recently have been looking at a lot of work using photo textures in quick concept painting. I tend to approach things the old fashioned way with just brush work (appreciate the irony of that statement)! So, to keep with the times felt it a good idea to have a stab at it, this is an under an hour quickee…