About Me

Senior Concept Artist specialising in environmental design, check out my galleries!

Currently Advanced Senior Concept Artist at ‘Rocksteady’ looking after the Concept Department.

Before this I was a senior at Frontier Developments and Sony/ Guerrilla Cambridge working on some big games. AND before that I was the Lead Artist on the Vita and PS4 title Velocity 2X (this has gone on to win multiple awards including GOTY) at FuturLab.

Given my career so far has spun Film,  Animation and Games I’ve accumulated quite a variety of experience; I’ve held Artist roles such as Concept, 3D Texture, 2D game, Art Director and Matte Artist. I’m very much project inspired so as a result my portfolio is quite versatile within a wide range of styles. It keeps things fresh and my learning doesn’t get the opportunity to plateau which is important to me.

Environments are my specialty but I also get a lot out of Character, Vehicular and Prop design.

My biggest inspirations growing up were Star Wars and Blade Runner – which everyone says (zzZZZzz)-  but I think people get caught up by the specifics ; when it’s the lessons in narrative and shape language which are the important things to take with you and apply.

For ramblings and self indulgent sketch posts check me out on twitter:    @Goffspeed

To enquire about services get in touch here